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contemporary copper ring bath  First, a big thank you to Stel!
  Stel, it was a blast working with you on
  your powder room and we are so excited
  with the finished product. Stel actually
  had a picture of some tile with a modern
  graphic for inspiration. We created an
  oversized border on a bronzy copper
  metallic paint background. Custom
  stencils were created for the
  interlocking rings. The rings have a
  sort of effervescent look with a fun
  and sophisticated design in this
  charming space.
   close up of copper rings

  There’s some terrific detail with dark veins and gold webbing that makes you want
  to look twice. Stel, we hope you and your family are enjoying your new powder room!

Next, a big thanks to Gerri! Earlier, we painted Gerri’s kitchen cabinets and she got a
fantastic new granite counter top. Then a tile back splash was installed. Gerri decided
she wasn’t totally happy with the look of the white tile and called Lettuce Paint back
to see if we could help solve her problem.
kitchen backsplash BEFORE  First we helped her select a new wall color. That just wasn’t
  enough, the tile was still too white. So then we painted, yes,
  painted the tile. We used a special paint and with the proper
  preparation and sealant created a new look without the mess
  of ripping out the current tile and installing new tile. The tile
  transformation was complete in a day, not to mention earth
  and wallet friendly since the new tile did not end up in a landfill!

Just look at the result:
kitchen backsplash AFTER  The new black tile really compliments
  the granite and provides contrast for
  the amazing cabinets. And the green
  wall color adds warmth and ties in
  nicely with the nature inspired theme
  of the cabinets. So we know you’re
  wondering, is this going to hold up?
  It’s true we would not recommend
  painted tile for a horizontal work
  surface (although there are concrete
  products that WILL cover a tile
  counter with no problem
) but for a
  back splash, it will be durable.
  Preparation, product and topcoat
 are the keys to making this work. Gerri will be able to clean it with a soft rag or a
 sponge and some soapy water.

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