Cedar Village Mural
This mural is in The Cedar Village's Rementia Unit in Mason, Ohio.
The mural was painted on canvas and installed in the space like wallpaper.
Should the unit move, the mural on canvas can move with it.
This method also cuts down on the intrusion to the residents. 
Town Square Mural

"The Town Square" is meant to encourage conversation by sparking memories
from the past. Lettuce Paint worked closely with the staff at Cedar Village to
design the images that are set in 1957. The staff organizes "shopping days"
at the town square where the residents can gather and select merchandise.
This interaction combined with the friendly backdrop has helped many
residents reclaim memories.

West side of Town Square  The project began with one family's
 wish to honor their mother, Fannie.
 Fannie was a holocaust survivor
 who eventually ended up in
 Brooklyn running a general store.
 The family provided photos of the
 store to Lettuce Paint. Melonie
 Wright of Lettuce Paint designed the
 sketches that eventually became
                                                                   the Town Square Mural.

Fannies General Store
    A plaque now hangs just to the
    left of the store to honor Fa

              Fannie's General Store is
on the main focal
             wall of the
area and uses
             the actual windows of the
           nurses' station as the store

Village Pet Shop

 Images of exotic fish, songbirds,
 cute kittens and playful puppies
 remind the residents of their own

park scene

                  The park areas help bring the
               mural around the residents' doors.

Friends Hardware Store

  Friends Hardware and Appliance
  Store was named in honor of the
  "Friends" group that works closely
  with the staff & residents. Nostalgic
  images include the S&H Green
  Stamps logo and a Radio Flyer
  Wagon. Type faces and prices were
  researched for accuracy.

1957 store window

          The painted trompe l'oeil merchandise
                 in the window includes labels and
              furnishings of the time. Look at the
        Dutch Boy paint label and the dust pan,
       not to mention the retro starburst clock.

I Love Lucy - Interchangeable TV Screen  Superman - Interchangeable TV Screen 
The historic TV features a changeable screen. Lettuce Paint purchased
photos of television shows from the era to change the TV screen in the
mural. The photos were then laminated. I Love Lucy and Superman
are only two of about a dozen programs for the residents to view.

East side of Town Square

 As you look around the square,
 the next store is the hat shop.
 This store's architecture is inspired
 by the art deco period with polished
 brass geometric details.

hat store window

                 The fashions were meticulously
              researched to be historically correct.

Ethels Jewelry Shoppe   Ethel's
   is also 
   named after another Cedar Village resident.
   This store features a painted polished wood

                        Jewelry store window


                          The painted curtain provides
                         a soft backdrop for the highly
                   detailed renderings of the jewelry. 

Painted wood grain surrounds
the storage doors and helps
them blend into the background.

storage doors

Lettuce Paint, LLC