Walls and Ceilings
At Lettuce Paint, we've been painting walls and ceilings all over Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
for more than 15 years. What kind of faux finish can we create for you?  From subtle textures that
add richness and depth to bold statements that demand attention; from custom stencils to free
form hand painting; from metallic paints and powders to ageless Venetian plasters; from classic
designs to urban chic; Lettuce Paint can develop a technique that is perfect for your space.
    For an elegant Dining Room in
  Indian Hill, we created a stenciled
  damask technique for the walls
  with a rich fabric feel. The stencil
  fades in and out which adds a
  charming hand painted feel to
  the walls and prevents the
  pattern from overwhelming the
  space and enhances the
    The walls of this regal foyer in
  Milford feature a faux finish of
  large-scale harlequins. The
  pattern emphasizes the lovely
  curving staircase. The use of
  metallic glazes lends a subtle

    The powder room in this
  contemporary home in Richwood,
  Kentucky features modern graphics.
  A surprising combination of paint
  and colored pencils add energy and
  a sense of spontaneity to the space.
  Inspiration comes from the look
  of natural birch bark for this
  family room in Milford. The
  organic feel of this rustic faux
  finish adds a casual yet
  sophisticated feel.

  A guest bathroom in Indian Hill
  becomes a shimmering jewel
  box with a multi-tonal metallic
  decorative paint technique. The
  blended metallics add depth
  and elegance plus, it's a
  surprisingly economical finish.
    Wow! The amazing staircase
  in this Sharonville home pops
  in front of a faux finish that
  layers bold paint colors with
  cool neutrals and a glint of
    The faux finish in this foyer
  introduces guests to the colors
  found throughout this home in
  Landen. The softly blended colors
  are completed with a metallic
  color wash to add depth and
  richness to the walls.

  The walls of this pool bathroom in
  Western Hills shimmer like water.
  The wave inspired Lusterstone
  pulls the tile and the location
  together in a most refreshing
  way. While many Lusterstone
  finishes can add three
  dimensional texture to the walls,
  this finish is as smooth as glass.

    A grand coffered ceiling in the
  great room of a Liberty Township
  home looks fantastic with a
  custom stencil. The stencil was
  created by Melonie Wright of
  Lettuce Paint. The blur suede
  paint in the background absorbs
  the light so the glimmer of the
  gold metallic stencil really stands

    This is a one-of-a-kind ceiling for
  a spacious bedroom in Indian
  Hill and was designed and hand
  painted by Peggy Fleisch of
  Lettuce Paint. The soft, warm
  colorations help a large space feel
  comfortable and intimate, and the
  acanthus leaf inspired designs are
  This dining room in Symmes
  Township positively glows with a
  bronzy decorative paint finish.
  The intricate stencil on the ceiling
  features a broken application of
  metallic powder to keep it from
  becoming too busy. The overall
  stain provides warmth and
    Sure, this ceiling medallion in a
  dining room in Kenwood was nice
  when it was plain white. With the
  addition of rich glazes it now
  evokes an evening in a Tuscan
  villa. Just Beautiful!

Lettuce Paint, LLC