Kids' Rooms
Kids’ rooms are places where energy and creativity collide
with a burst of personality.  Lettuce Paint can provide
that elusive combination of fresh fun and timelessness.
 graphic dog themed room  Crisp graphics painted on the
 focal wall and ceiling make an
 enchanting dog themed room for
 this Homearama 2009 bedroom.
 The neutral color scheme is
 unexpected and sophisticated. 

 pearlescent waves in fun colors

 Transparent waves of color
 surround this charming Eastside
 bedroom. Although only 2 colors
 were used, the overlapping glazes
 give the illusion of a wider
 palette. The pearlescent graphics
 provide shimmer and serve to
 break the horizontal flow.

 Whimsical harlequins in girls room  Whimsical harlequins are
 hand painted in the bedroom
 of this model home. The
 oversized design and soft colors
 open up the space without
 overpowering it.
 nursery rhyme border
 Familiar nursery rhymes create a
 playful border in this model home
 in Mt Healthy. A variety of type
 styles and a neutral palette lend
 an understated elegance to this
nursery rhyme illustration.

 polka dots  Lettuce Paint created a series
 of loose stripes painted with
 embellished polka dots for the
 walls of this cute bedroom in
 Loveland. The large polka dot
 over the desk is a chalkboard so
 the room's occupant can unleash
 her creativity. The Jack-n-Jill
 bathroom in the background was
 designed to coordinate with the
 adjoining bedrooms and features
 jewels and glitter.
 playful animals  Lively animal illustrations
 are created and hand painted
 by Lettuce Paint decorate this
 lucky grandchild's room in
 Western Hills.
 vine & flowers with glitter  Bright colors combined with the
 sparkle of just-enough glitter adorn
 the bedroom of this Batavia model
 home. The hand painted accents
 surround the mirror and if you look
 in the mirror's
reflection, you'll see
 how the design crops up in other 
 areas, too.

 Woody & Palm trees  A fun fabric in the adjoining
 bedroom provided inspiration
 for this bathroom in Anderson
 Township. The Hawaiian style
 design element in the background
 is a stamp custom cut by Lettuce
 Scooter Girl in Paris  For a bedroom in Mason, Lettuce
 Paint created this light-hearted
 Paris illustration inspired by a
 carefree afternoon.
 handpainted cabinet with funky graphics  Bright and funky graphics make
 this hand painted cabinet special
 in a Sycamore Township bedroom.
 Colors and patterns were
 suggested by the surrounding
 fabrics and furnishings.
 Snowboarder mural on canvas  

 This high-energy Snowboarder
 mural was designed for Homearama
 2009. Since the mural is painted
 on canvas, it can easily be moved
 to a new location.
 individualized basketball mural  This dynamic mural on canvas
was customized for a basketball
 player in Hamilton. A personalized
 mural can be created with your
 child's hair style, name and
 colors, too. Lettuce Paint can
 develop a design for any sport,
 as well as for music, drama or
 other activities.

Lettuce Paint, LLC