Murals and Floor Cloths
A mural from Lettuce Paint can bring your favorite place home, add energy to
your exercise room or simply start your day with a smile. There are no limits. Remember,
murals don't have to be painted on a wall; a mural can be painted on heavy canvas that
will move with you. Canvas can be installed with decorative upholstery nails or hung like
wallpaper. Heavy canvas is just right for durable and easy to clean floor cloths.
Invite Lettuce Paint to design a mural or floor cloth just for you!

 moveable beach mural  A cozy bedroom in Springdale
 becomes a seaside getaway with
 this relaxing beach mural.
 client provided a favorite vacation
 photo and the talents of Lettuce
 Paint brought it to life.  This mural
 was painted on canvas and was
 installed with decorative upholstery
 nails.  Now you can take the beach
 with you.
 Trompe loeil balcony  This charming trompe l'oeil mural of
 Juliet's balcony overlooks a foyer in
 Mason. A refreshing breeze gently
 blows the painted curtains while
 the suggestion of another room
 seems to open up the space.
 ocean view window  Across from the balcony is the
 source of the breeze...a lovely
 veranda with a view of a Tuscan
 seaside. Lettuce Paint designed this
 large mural to return our
 homeowner to one of her favorite
 places. The walls surrounding the
 mural are painted with an aged
 faux finish that brings an Old World

 metallic walls with painted curtains  Take a closer look. The lovely red
 velvet curtains and heavy fringe are
 a trompe l'oeil painting on the wall
 in this theater room in Mason. 
 Lettuce Paint has the talent and
 attention to detail to truly fool the
 eye. The best part is that these
 curtains will never have to be
 energetic exercise room  Energy and motivation were the
 goals of the mural in this Mason
 exercise room.  Favorite quotes
 from the homeowner became
 design elements that encourage
 a more effective workout.
 Parisian park  A quiet Parisian park was the
 inspiration for a watercolor mural
 in Hyde Park. The soft colors and
 muted style add to the relaxing
 archtectural element illusions  The great room in this Montgomery
 home had nine boxes built into the
 two story walls, blank and white.
 Lettuce Paint worked with the
 homeowners and their interior
 designer to add artwork that
 enhanced the space. Although they
 look like three dimensional
 reclaimed architectural pieces, the
 illusion was created with paint.
 Trompe loeil niche  Lettuce Paint added a charming
 trompe l'oeil niche off the foyer of
 this Liberty Township home. The
 hand painted trim matches the trim
 in the rest of the home.  A painted
 niche is a great way to add stunning
 art to a high traffic wall that may
 not otherwise accommodate
 furniture or framed art.
 faux bath window  You could look onto a spring
 morning each day with this
 cheerful mural. A little touch like
 this in an unexpected place can
 give each day a lift. This appealing
 window adorns a master bath in
 acanthus floor cloth  A canvas floor cloth can be an
 elegant addition to your decor.
 Classic stenciled designs
 complement the furnishings in the
 dining room of this Kenwood home.
 Lettuce Paint always finishes a floor
 cloth with multiple layers of varnish
 on the front and the back of the
 floor cloth. This ensures durability
 and easy cleaning, a damp rag is
 usually sufficient.
 custom flower table, chairs and floorcloth  This floor cloth and its companion
 painted dining set are happy
 additions to the kitchen of this
 Montgomery home. Lettuce Paint
 designed the bright and springy
 pieces to complement one another.
 The chairs in this one-of-a-kind set
 are all different. Lettuce Paint can
 design a floor cloth that reflects
 your home's personality.
 one continuous line floorcloth  This funky design with an updated
 fleur de lis and greek key was
 created with one continuous line.
 The fun colors give a contemporary
 twist to classic elements. And as
 always multiple layers of water-
 based varnish ensure durability and
 easy cleaning. Floor cloths can
 usually be cleaned with a damp rag.
 For more intense cleaning, a mild
 detergent, like dish soap, may be
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